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Monday, December 22, 2008

My progress

I now know how to express myself or rather show my emotions through doing facial expressions.

1) When I'm angry - saya akan kerutkan dahi and eye brows

2) When I'm sick - I'll stay quite and sometimes merengek sikit2 and other times I would just sleep and hope that it will go away once I'm up again. (this one just recently as I've just had a mild fever)

3) When I'm happy that I got milk - I'll pat ummi's back with my small hands while drinking. I usually make noise while drinking to show ummi how grateful I am.

4) When I really am angry - I'll cry on top of my lungs and tears will run down my cheeks(ummi slalu sedey klo tgk sofeah macam ni)

5) Once, I merajuk with ummi because she ignored me for a while I look at her in the eyes and turned away. I did not look back until ummi comforted me(I was on the bed n ummi sat at the computer desk). Sofeah pandai majuk dah

6) I'll merengek a little if I wanted attention from my parents...not that I needed anything..nak teman and maja-manja saja

7) I now can play with ayah. I also make noise as if I wanted to say something. Dah pandai agah dah(orang tua-tua selalu kata). I'll try to stay awake most of the time during the day.

8) I'll squint my eyes, muka pun berkerut sambil meluihkan ubat yang telah diberi oleh Ummi. Lidah pon jelir skali. Pandai betul luih balik ubat, macam mane sofeah nak cepat sembuh ni.

9) I can now lift up my head on my own. Bile ummi angkat jer, kepala mesti tegak, tanak sandar pon kat bahu ummi.

10) I also can stand up with my two legs when people hold me upright. I think my bones are getting stronger by the day. Dah boleh lonjak2 dah

11) suka paksa diri untuk stay awake. Paksa buka mata luas2 walaupon mengantuk.

12) I have a sleeping pattern. At night I'll sleep until 5am. By this time I'm usually thirsty. I now can search nenen with my eyes closed. Ummi too..hehe..we got use to it.

13) When ummi or ayah switches the lights off at night, I know it's time to sleep and I'll force my eyes shut. To be honest I'm scared of the dark.

14) I know when Ummi is near me. I can smell milk and I always want to gayut kat nenen.

15) Bile ayah pi tandas mula la saya mencari2 ayah. Kadang2 tue mata tu ikut saja kemane ayah pergi sambil kepala pon berpusing skali until ayah is out of sight. Dah kenal ayah ni. Saya tahu bile ayah marah saya akan senyap seketika tetapi akan sambung menangis jua selepas itu..hehe

16) If we go out, Ummi will put me in the car seat. At first I'll merengek sebentar but once the car moves I'll go to sleep. There are times I'll be quite because I'm so fascinated by the outside world. I see a lot of things I never saw before like giant box moving(lorries) and a lot of green things every where.

17) I now know how to fart. I'll make that farting face and the air just come out from my bumbum. (meneran macam nak berak pon ye jugak. ingat berak tapi kentut je. Kentut mmg busuk la..hehe)

18) Setiap kali nk pakai booties and mittens I will angkat kaki kanan first. Maybe this one just by coincidence but then again I did this several times, maybe I am a genius after all..hehe

19) I'll look into the camera when ever someone wants to take a picture of me. Siap posing lagi..hehe

20) When ever ummi take my mittens off I'll put my hand in my mouth. I don't know why I do this but I like the feeling.

I'm now 1 month and 3 weeks old..getting older by the day..I am in the progress of learning new stuff everyday. I enjoy it very much as I discover a lot of new things and how my body works every second. I totally love my life.

This is all.. Till next time..I'll keep you guys updated with my progress.. keep reading ya..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I want my Milk~

A few days a go I've learnt to communicate with Ummi and ayah.

When I make a clucking noise or rather like a sucking noise Ummi and ayah understands that I want my milk.

Owh and when I'm drinking up my milk, no one is allowed to touch me. Only ummi can but she can't fiddle with me. I hate it when I'm trying to focus and enjoying my milk other people irritates me by touching me. When people do touch me or stroke my bald head I'll stop drinking and I'll stare them from the corner of my eye at the same time I'll give them a warning by grumbling.

Furthermore, during my feeding time ummi can't do anything else or in other terms can not multitask such as reading a book or browsing the net. I want her to only focus on me,talk and play with me. Otherwise I'll stop drinking and murmur until ummi pays attention to me again only then I'll continue.

Yesterday I've learnt to coo and babble. I like to make sounds as if I'm trying to communicate with ummi and ayah. Since I'm a light sleeper during the day, I'm awake most of the time.I like to play and make noises as if ummi understands me. I always want someone to accompany me every time. I love the presence of people(only a few people) but when there is a crowd I'll force myself to sleep as I don't want too many attention from them.

Looking forward to learning something new today.

I'll update you later ya!~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Me going bald (1st November 08)

Ayah shaving my hair...The chronology:~
First of all Ayah cut my hair using a pair of scissors~ owh my hair..Am gonna miss it~ Ayah, do you really have to shave my lovely hair? (wink2 whilst making a cute face..see2)

I better sleep so I don't have to feel so sad seeing all my hair leaving my head..sob2

This is me before 'bercukur' took place. Am gonna miss my lovely hair~ Now I really do look like a boy~

Ayah dah start cukur sikit~ look2 owh lovely hair..huhue

All done~ it took 3 hours just to shave my head bald.. hey I actually look cuter when I'm you agree?

AAArrgghh soo tired.. off to to join me?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Third Day~(2nd November 2008)

Same as the day before. people came to visit me. Because me, ayah and Ummi is going back to Kelana Jaya in a few days people living nearby took the chance to see me before I go back to my home. Still am tired. Lethargic I would say.

At night Ummi had to pump some milk for me as she will be going to tukang urut's house the next morning for two hours in the morning. So it will just be me and ayah at tok ma's house. Ayah have to give me milk from a bottle.

This is all I can remember~

until next time..

Second Day~ (1st November 2008)

Today is my second day in this world. Because I'm new to this world a lot of people came to visit me on this day and it's a Saturday too you know what I mean.

On this day people come and go just to see me. From morning until night. I was soo exhausted. Soo were Ummi and ayah. I can see it from their faces. We did not have enough sleep from the night before. I woke up every hour because of colic. At first Ayah did not know what to do as I cried endlessly. Ummi was too tired to get up. She was really weak. Because I cried soo much Ummi woke up eventually. Ummi just remembered that she brought baby oitment for treating colic and suggested that Ayah rub it on my belly. And so he did. I farted a lot after that and I slept peacefully until morning.

It is today that Ayah took a picture of me and Ummi. I was smiling in the camera. Ayah was soo proud that he captured the picture whilst I was smiling and showed it to everyone. I think this was the first smile or maybe I smiled the day before.
Ummi's note:-

The three of us was so exhauted by the end of the day. I was soo emotional that night I felt like scolding everybody.

Just a note to self, if anyone whom has just given birth let them rest for a week atleast before going to visit them. It is really tiring when you do not have enough rest and you need to entertain the visitors. It is just exhausting. Trust me, I know.

The first day~

Friday, (31st October 2008)

I did not get that much sleep, neither did Ummi or Ayah. Through the night I kept on crying. Ummi kept on giving me milk every time I cried. Still I drank very little and doze off to sleep.

Then morning came. It was subuh time that I had a hiccup and cried a little. Ayah and Ummi did not know what to do, so they called in the nurse. The nurse just told Ummi to keep on feeding me and that it is normal for babies to have hiccups. So that's what Ummi did. She forced me to drink. Because I am such a good girl I followed and drank. True enough what the nurse said, the hiccup all gone. Then the nurse came in again to take me up to the third level for a bath. Ayah followed as he wanted to watch how the nurse bathe Sofeah with excitement.

I was supposed to be discharge around 2pm but the doctor forgot to do my circumcision and also give me my bcg shot so we were delayed going back to Tok Ma's house. When we were ready to go back to tak Ma's house after maghrib time we found out that the lift did not work and that we may have to use the stairs, but the nurse would not let us do that because it's against the hospital policy. And so we waited. Lucky for us a few minutes waiting the lift was OK again.

Ummi's note:-

~Ummi bearly slept that night as the nurse kept coming in and out to check on Ummi's temperature and also blood pressure.

~Just before the hiccup incident around subuh time. An elderly nurse came in, and asked ummi whether ummi fed sofeah and ummi answered that sofeah only drank a little. The nurse worried and wanted to bring sofeah up to the third floor to feed her formula milk. Tapi Ummi Sofeah ni berkeras hati juga hendak breastfeed. Nurse tu dah macam paksa-paksa but still Ummi would not budge with her decision to breastfeed Sofeah. Bukannye Ummi tidak ada susu cuma it was the first time. What do you expect. If Ummi tidak ada susu lain cerita. Sedih rasa hati bile nurse tu nak jugak bagi formula milk(I thought the hospital breastfeeding friendly..hmm)...huhue..maaf la ter'emo la pulak. Bab-bab jagaan anak jangan main-main, lagi-lagi anak sendiri.Semestinya kita nak yang terbaik untuk anak kita. Susu ibu adalah yang terbaik..~

~Ayah and Ummi literally panicked when sofeah had her first hiccup. So we called in the nurse to help us. Disebabkan insiden ini Sofeah sudah pandai hisap susu...hehe~

~Ummi woke up that morning and did her mandi wiladah.

The Day Sofeah was born~

Thursday (30th October 2008),

9.17pm - My name is Sofeah binti Muhammad Syazwan Rahimy. I was born into this world at this hour. As I came out from Ummi I felt there is something wrong with my chest. I tried breathing but something is just not right. I cried as loud as I can. Something is wrong. Then somebody came close to me with this long tube and put it through my mouth. Uurrgghh, I can not describe the feeling but it did make me feel better and I was relieved.

After that I was handed to a tall man. He whispered to my ears. I could not make sense of it. Then I was handed to another person. This time the person is a women. She brought me to some other place. while moving to another place there were other people followed us. All were excited to see me. I do not know why. Maybe because I'm just soo cute and adorable. I was then put into a glass or plastic bed behind a glass wall. The people that followed me then just watched me from the other side of the glass wall.

I stayed behind the glass wall for a while. They did not even gave me a bath. I guess they were waiting for someone. I was right. They were waiting for that someone who I later call Ummi to get out from the labour room. Ummi stayed for quite sometime in there. After Ummi was all done they took me to her, since Ummi wanted to breastfeed me. Ummi does not want them to feed me formula milk.

I was brought into the room where Ummi was and everyone else was there to. When feeding, me and Ummi, both struggled. Ummi struggled with giving me the milk while I struggled with sucking the milk. I drank a little because I was too tired. I also know that Ummi was tired too. So we went to sleep.

Ummi's note:-

Because Ummi breastfed Sofeah that night and the lift at that hospital was not working at the time, sofeah get's to spend the night with Ummi. Ummi and Ayah was soo happy. The first night she was with us.