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Monday, March 16, 2009 bumbo~

Last weekend ayah bought me a bumbo seat. At long last. Since I stay awake most of the time and I don't like to lay down. It's boring just to play with my playgym all the time so I'll scream and sometimes shout if no one picks me up. I like to stay upright most of the time as I can see what goes around me. So these are pictures of me showing off my bumbo. hehe
Tada~..I can now sit up..yea..totally love it!

Hey ayah, stop it..I'm trying to relax here..I'm watching the telly..move out of the way!

Ahh..There's my playing with them..wiggle..I've just discovered that it is part of my body..

Ummi!..fea nk mandi la..nape letak kat bumbo..

Waaa~ get me out of here..I want to go to maktok's house..Ummi, ayah! don't leave me here..

Ummi's note:-
Sejak ade bumbo ni senang ummi dan ayah nak solat berjemaah. Fea senyap jer but once ummi dan ayah selesai solat terus aja mulut tue berbunyi..hehe..pandai anak ummi ni..bijak