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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My new clothes~

Auntie Jan bought me a few clothes from UK. She bought it cheap(not so cheap after converting Pound Sterling to Ringgit Malaysia) since it was Christmas and New Year's sale. I've just received it last week..~ let's have a look shall we..This is my pink skirt and my pink t-shirt. The skirt is way too big for me but the waist can be adjusted to small and that's how I can fit into the skirt without it slipping down. Ummi asked auntie Jan to buy me a bigger size on purpose so I don't outgrow it too quickly. Tapi sayangnye Auntie Jan ter beli t-shirt yang muat-muat saja untuk sofeah~

This is my dress~
Tadaa~ what do you think? purple my colour?..hehe

I have another pair but Ummi didn't take a picture of it because it's too big for me. The skirt slides off my legs..hehe..but will upload it later.

Can't wait for Auntie Jan to send back some more clothes. Ummi's having fun dressing me up. Ayah says I'm like a moving doll..hehe~

Thank a lot Auntie Jan..Love you Soo much..Muah~

Friday, January 9, 2009

I want Ummi n nenen

Around 6pm everyday I'll start rejecting my bottle because I know Ummi and ayah will be back by then. I'll totally reject the bottle even though nanny shoves the teat into my mouth. I'll cry instead. All I want is my ummi. I really miss Ummi and I want to be with her all the time if I can. I know every morning when I wake up, ummi is no where to be seen.The only person I'm left with is Nanny. Nanny takes good care of me. She feeds me, gives me my bath on time and changes my nappy when needed to. She is really patient on the days I refuse my milk and cries a lot because I miss Ummi and nenen. Nanny would always comfort me by hugging me to sleep. I'll always sleep on nanny's chest whilst she pats me on the back and later on she'll put me down on my belly in my cot. I'll sleep soundly an hour or two until I wake up again and realize that ummi is still not home by then and started to cry again. Even though I drank my milk but it's only for a little amount just to fill my tummy and not sufficient enough to make me full. The only time I'm full is when I drink from nenen.

Ummi is thinking of doing reverse cycling, So that I'll drink more at night and less during the day. Ummi wants' to make sure that I drink enough milk and gain more weight. You see my weight is just above the borderline. Lower than that is considered underweight. I know ummi have been working hard to eat as much as possible with nutritious food but I still did not gain that extra weight needed. I think it's in the genes. Both of my parents are not that heavy either. About this reverse cycling thing, it is really tiring if ummi decides to do so. I know ummi will be tired more than ever because she needs to wake up in the middle of the night to feed me twice or more. Since she has to work during the day this might not be a good idea.

On Saturdays, Ummi goes to work so ayah takes care of me but only in the morning by lunch time Ummi will be back. During the mornings I'll try to sleep as long as I can until Ayah wakes me up for my bath. I'll only drink one bottle around 4 oz and then I'd stay awake. I love being alone with ayah. He likes to play with me, tell me stories he would do anything to keep me occupied. Even so I still can't wait for ummi to come home because of nenen.

Anyhow with ummi's worries about me not getting enough milk she will try her best to find alternatives like finding the suitable teats or change bottles until I really can drink from a bottle during the day without rejecting it. I'll also have to accept the fact that ummi will not be home until 6pm everyday. A long Sigh~


Ummi's note:-

Now Sofeah can really accept the fact that during the day she has to drink up from the bottle. She drinks a lot these days and I'm really happy. Sofeah's currently using MAMs bottles. She loves the teats. We've tried several brands which includes nuk, and also nuby. Sofeah's first bottle was nuby it was ok then after washing it several times it drips a lot(it's an irony really since the packaging stated non drip bottle..huhue) . And now Sofeah has gained weight too..Alhamdulillah~