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Friday, June 19, 2009


Fea ade masalah sikit la kengkawan. Meh Fea cite.

Kawan-kawan perasan tak Fea ada rambut seciput jer atas kepala. ha, itu la masalahnye.

Rambut Fea ni tanak tumbuh pulak. Merajuk dengan Fea ke.

Rambut oh rambut, kuar la. Fea jelous tau tengok rambut baby yang lain. Semuanye lebat-lebat saja.

Ayah kate takpe la rambut Fea sejemput je. 'Comei je anak ayah ni' ade ke cakap macam tu. Fea nk rambut lebat2 jugak. Oleh sebab itu fea geram tengok rambut ayah dan ummi. Klo Fea dekat je dengan kepala ummi atau ayah, Fea tarik kekuat dengan harapan rambut Fea akan tumbuh juga. Hehe, Fea tau takde kene mengena. Saja je Fea suka tarik dan letak dalam mulut Fea. Hehe

Ok la itu jer Fea nak cite. Fea nk pi berlatih berjalan pulak ni. Bosan la merangkak jer. Sakit lutut la. Fea tanak lutut Fea hitam macam lutut ayah tu.hikhik...jgn marah ye ayah. Father's day nk dekat dah ni. Fea kiss jer ayah boleh? Fea tak mampu la nk bagi adiah mahal-mahal..hee Fea nk Ucapkan Happy Father's Day Ayah~ Love you soo much!

Ha tgk tue, ayah angkat Izzah, Izzah lebat betul rambut die. Die sebaya dengan Fea tau kengkawan. Dia tua 6 bulan jer dari Fea. Takde la jauh sangat kan.hehe

Ha ni gambo Fea dengan Ummi. Nampak tak rambut Fea yang ciput tu. segan betul.Fea tengah tengok clown tengah buat silap mata. Terror betul la dia. Tiba-tiba jer muncul burung merpati. Fuuyyyooo~

Friday, June 12, 2009

Me~ waving goodbye

I can now wave goodbye to anyone who is leaving but i don't wave if I'm the one leaving especially if ummi is wearing her tudung. I know from that instant that we are going out and no way am i going to stay back. want to see me wave? here it is...Its actually the first time I waved, papito took the video. Everyone was soo surprised. Ayah was really amazed. Gob smacked I tell you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I can I come..

It was just a week ago that I tried to lift my bum off the floor - trying to crawl - and every time I do, my arms and legs would tremble, unable to hold my body weight. They weren't strong yet back then. This was last week's story. Earlier this week I'm already crawling, not only that, I can now pull myself up and stand up but then I'll come tumbling down afterward and scream on top off my lungs. I crawl very fast. I love moving around on my own without using the walker. I can turn and go anywhere but my parents of course put boundaries so I don't fall down the bed or go out into the balcony on my own. Ummi will restrict me from going into the kitchen. God knows what's in the kitchen. I don't understand why she does not allow me to crawl there. I don't like to crawl there anyways. So I'm not missing anything I guess.

Here are pictures of me crawling (my father wants them to look like movie pictures).

Tadaa~ I'm here!