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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My habits~

My habits are:

1) selongkar wallet ayah and ummi to search for coins, when I have a lot I will point to ummi my piggy bank(actually shaped like a bear). I will slot the coins one by one and after each coin i will clap for myself. If tak jumpe coins saya akan ambil duit colour merah dan biru. colour merah saya paling suka

2) Cikgu ajar sebelum makan/mamam bace doa dulu. So kalau nk mkn sure saya tadah tangan dan amin baru la boleh makan.

3) Saya suka makan sendiri sekarang ni. kalau time makan ummi kene letak makanan dalam mangkuk dan bagi saya satu sudu untuk pegang. tapi saya tak reti nk suap siri sendiri lagi. so ummi kene ambil lagi satu sude untuk suapkan saya makan.

4) Kalau saya nampak ummi pakai tudung, saya terus akan ambil shoes saya. saya tau ummi nk pi jalan2. mane boleh tinggalkan saya.

5) Kalau dalam kereta saya mesti dok dalam car seat. Kadang kala saya protes jugak tapi ummi buat pekak saja. huu

6) Kalau fea batuk jer, fea tau kene tutup mulut..hehe..rayah ajar

7) Kalau main sepah2, fea akan kemas balik...masukkan sume barang dalam blue box fea..hehe

itu saja ye...saya mahu tidur~

Back dated entry~ my birthday`

As promised last year I wanted to tell you about my birthday.

So these are the events:

1) Everything went well at first, ummi and ayah took halfday leave and straight away went to my nursery.

2) I celebrated my birthday with my friends at the nursery first. They all loved the party packs ummi had prepared for them. The party packs includes Mickey and Minnie Mouse goody bag, party hat, blower and some chocs and stuff. You know all the junk food..hehe

my pressies: cat (thank you chan), hairband (thank you oma), behind; my walker(thank you papa)

Watching papa put my walker together.

3) Afterwards we went to subang parade to get my cake. Evrything went wrong after this event. the cake arrived late and on our back home the traffic was bad.

4) When we arrived home the electricity was off so we celebrated my birthday in the dark. first it was fun but later not so fun as it was getting warmer and I was sweating and irritated with the situation so I cried a lot. Ayah took photos in the dark but the quality is poor so I shall not upload it here.

5) You must be wondering why there isn't much photo of my birthday. It is because as soon as the light came on again. Ayah just realised all the pictures he took of me and my friends had vanished somehow (I was really dissapointed as I want to show the pictures to my friends). Ayah said there are some problem with the memory card somehow. Ah well.

So that's the story of my birthday. I hope it will be better this year. =)

Still happy~