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Friday, February 13, 2009

Me in cloth diapers

This is me in wearing a napkin. Tok ma made it for me when i was a new born I wore this as diapers are to big for me. (will upload the pics later)

After the napkin stage I move on to wearing prefolds and diaper covers. (will upload the pics later)

This is me now wearing my cloth diaper with inserts. I need to wear 2 layers of inserts as I pee a lot. Still am wearing prefolds and diaper covers from time to time.

This is me wearing disposable diapers. huhue. Ummi you'll have to buy me some more cloth diapers. I love them as it is softer against my skin. (will upload the pics later)

Ummi: Kurang budget la syg, nanti economy dah stabil baru beli ye. =) (arahan dari ayah: semua perbelanjaan dibekukan buat sementara waktu)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On my belly

At the age of 3 months and 1 week I can now lay on my belly and my bones are strong enough to support my head.Want to see? Look at me showing off.
"I so wanted to crawl to ayah but I have not learn the skills yet. You wait ayah one day I can even run to you"

"Hehe..this is me...Ummi Look at me..I can turn on my own and you don't need to support my head anymore. Ayah! when will you buy me a bumbo seater?"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new zapp~

Have just received my brand new zapp last 2 weekends. Ayah bought it from Germany. Yeah all the way over there? you might ask yourself. Well it's cheaper than buying it here. It's in strawberry red. Totally love it. Thank you soo much to papa(my uncle by the way). Since ayah had no credit cards so we had to borrow papa's.

Here are the pics:
Since, I can't sit in the zapp yet so Ayah attached the maxi Cosi carrier on top. Ummi's the most happiest person when we received the zapp.Now I can ride the zapp happily at malls without ayah "bising" because of back ache carrying me around. can't blame him as I am getting heavier by the day though.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I can do now~

Now at the age of 3 months and five days I can;

1) roll over, mostly on my left side(my legs are getting stronger by the day). I can never be left alone on high surfaces as who knows where I'll end up next. Once I nearly fell off my parents bed whilst they were praying. If they had to leave me unattended for a while they need to put pillows around me to act as a bumper so I can't go more further.

This is me playing with my knee

2) see more clearly and i pay more attention to my surrounding. Even when I latch on to Ummi if I hear something that distracts me from drinking I will pull ummi with me and she of course would say 'ouch' or 'adoi' every time.hehe

3) play with my toys at my play gym. I also can grab the hanging toys.

Ayah holding me whilst I suck his hand.(not sure if his hands were clean though..hmm)

4) play with my centipede when my parents put me in my crib or on my parents bed.(ummi need to buy some more toys to stimulate my brains)

5) react or rather sing along(in my own language) to the music that plays when my mobile rotates. Even when somebody talks to me I'll react the same and tries to project my voice as loud as I can. Every time I do this I'll end up chocking myself as I do not know how to control my voice yet. Also I giggle from time to time

Just woke up from my slumber. Owh, my leg is on the bolster pillow and I don't know where my blankie is. I am certain that Ummi pulled the blankie over me last night.(lasak sungguh anak ummi ni tido)

6) recognize faces. The most familiar would be Ummi because she gives me milk. Every time ummi comes home from work I'll stare at her until she picks me up.

7) If I wore a two piece clothing meaning a pair of pants and a shirt in the morning I'd be lucky if I'm still wearing the shirt. Usually, half way up my shirt unbuttoned. I really don't know how that happened or how I did it. This is why ummi likes me to wear one piece like sleepers so that I won't end up half naked the next day. haha

This is my progress up to date.