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Monday, July 13, 2009

My frist day at the Nursery~

This is last weeks story, wait a minute, it's the week before's story. I've written everything nicely on a piece of paper for ummi to type but she was busy with her work then. So now she has the time to type she will tell about my first and second day at the nursery.

Ummi and Ayah started sending me to nursery because I'm old enough to mingle around and meet new babies. I want my own set of friends plus nanny can no longer take care of me because I crawl and I like to climb anything so it's tiring for nanny to chase me all over the house.

Moving on, on my first day at the nursery. When we arrived I was not in tears as I was not aware of whats going on. So Ummi just passed me to another lady (whom i thought was just a random stranger wanting to pick me up because I'm too adorable) after that ummi and ayah was not in sight. I started searching for them. I searched the room where I was put down by the lady(who now I call cikgu) but no ummi and ayah. There were only babies around my age or maybe older than I am. I started to cry and all the other babies joined me. I was sad. This place is so unfamiliar.

Before Ummi came, I stood and leaned against the glass door, patiently waiting for my turn to go home. Some of my friends had gone home already. Everytime the glass door is open to make way or other babies to go home I would poke my head out the doors and tried to wiggle myself out but cikgu will always pick me up and put me back inside, behind the glass door.

I cried a lot on my first day. When ummi finally came to pick me up my eyes were really sore. It was red. Ummi picked me up and tried cheer me up because I was sulking. I didn't want to look at ummi or ayah's face. Poor me.

That's all I can tell. After that I can't remember because my long term memory hasn't developed yet..hehe