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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sitting down on my own..Tadaa~

Yes I can now sit on the floor unsupported. That's a big achievement for me. I no longer depend on bumbo. Yeah. I love it. Look at these pictures. I'm so happy.

I started learning to crawl a week ago. It's not easy OK. First I have to learn how to pick up my heavy bum together with the diaper then with all my might I have to pull up my knees. Sometimes I can stay like that for a while and at other times I'll fall down n bump my head against the floor. When this happens I'll scream on top off my lungs. It really hurts.

Now, I still have not mastered crawling yet but I can move around on my own. yippy. I don't have to beg other people to pick me up. yeay. want to know how i move around? I'll be on my tummy and i'll use my legs to kick the floor so I can move forward. owh and I wiggle as well at times and that is why Ayah always say I move like an inch worm. Ayah caught it on video. Here it is.